Seinäjoki Neuromonitoring Research Group

The Seinäjoki Neuromonitoring Research Group was started in 1990, when Hannu Heikkilä, head of the department of Clinical Neurophysiology started to develop ICU EEG monitoring and sleep analysis. Today, the group is concentrating on:

  • Developing technology and sensors for recording EEG and other physiological signals during sleep, anaestheseia and in the ICU and emergency medicine
  • Studying the electric fields of EEG, ECG, EMG and other physilogical signal
  • Neurophysiology of anaesthesia and sedation, especially burst suppression pattern in EEG
  • Developing sleep diagnostics

Hannu Heikkilä 2
The Department of Clinical neurophysiology was established in Seinäjoki Central Hospital in 1990. Hannu Heikkilä MD, specialist in clinical neurophysiology, was and still is the first Head of the Department. His research interests are sleep research and ICU monitoring. Dr Heikkilä started the research and development of ICU monitoring technique, an EPSHP/Seinäjoki Central Hospital was the first hospital in Finand to use remote monitoring of ICU EEG.

Kari Mäkelä (PhD) started as the first hospital physicist in the Department of Neurofysiology in 1994. His fields of research are healthcare technology and neurophysiological recordings.

V Jäntti

Ville Jäntti MD PhD is Adjunct Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology in University of Tampere and University of Oulu. He has worked in research co-operation with the department from it’s beginning and employed as senior consultant from 2009. He is also Adjunct Professor of neurophysiological technology in Tampere University of Technology. His research interests are neurophysiology of anaesthesia and sedation, electric fields of neurophysiological signals and signal processing of neurophysiologicals signals

A Kulkas
Antti Kulkas, PhD Eng, joined the Department   of Clinical Neurophysiology in 2010 as hospital physicist. He is currently Chief Physicist of the department and Adjunct Professor at University of Eastern Finland. His research interest are focused in sleep recordings and developing the sleep diagnostics as well as recording and analysis technology of neurophysiological signals.

Researchers in Seinäjoki:

Tuomo Ylinen, MD MSc Eng, PhD student EPSHP

Co-operration with University of Tampere

Arvi Yli-Hankala, MD PhD, Professor of Anaesthesiology


Antti Aho MD PhD

Pasi Puumala MD

Kotoe Kamata MD PhD

Co-operration with Tampere University of Technology

Professor Tarmo Lipping PhD Eng, Pori

Professor Jari Hyttinen PhD Eng

Professor Ilkka Korhonen PhD Eng

Research co-ordinator Pasi Kauppinen PhD Eng


Outi Väisänen PhD Eng

Andrei Jakab MSc Eng PhD student

Narayan Puthanmadam Subramaniyam MSc Eng PhD Student

Co-operration with Oulu University Hospital

Seppo Alahuhta MD PhD, Professor of Anaesthesiology


Eila Sonkajärvi MD

Co-operration with Kuopio University Hospital

Professor Chief Physicist Juha Töyräs PhD

Adjunct Professor Petro Julkunen PhD

Pekka Tiihonen PhD

For other scientific co-operations in Finland and internationally, see list of publications (Tieteelliset julkaisut).

From the left, Adjunct Professor MD PhD Ville Jäntti, MSc. PhD student Narayan Puthanmadam Subramaniyam, DI PhD student Andrei Jakab, Head of the Department MD Hannu Heikkilä, MD PhD Kotoe Kamata, Professor Arvi Yli-Hankala, and BSc MSc thesis worker Mikko Hakomäki.

From the left, MD PhD Kotoe Kamata, Adjunct Professor MD PhD Ville Jäntti, PhD Eng Chief Physicist Antti Kulkas, and MSc. PhD student Narayan Puthanmadam Subramaniyam.

From the left, MD PhD Kotoe Kamata, Head of the Deparment MD Hannu Heikkilä, and MSc. PhD Student Narayan Puthanmadam Subramaniyam.

From the left, MD PhD student Tuomo Ylinen, MD PhD student Pasi Puumala, MSc Phd Student Ain Suik, Adjunct Professor MD PhD Ville Jäntti and Professor Tarmo Lipping

From the left, MD PhD student Tuomo Ylinen, MD Phd student Pasi Puumala, PhD Eng Antti Kulkas, MSc. Phd student Ain Suik and Professor Tarmo Lipping

Professor Tarmo Lipping (left), PhD student Morteza Zabihi (middle) and Chief Physicist Antti Kulkas (right) working on EEG research project at the Seinäjoki Central Hospital Clinical Neurophysiology Department.

Professor Seppo Alahuhta (left), MD Eila Sonkajärvi (middle) and Adjunct Professor MD PhD Ville Jäntti (right) at the Seinäjoki Central Hospital Clinical Neurophysiology Department.